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Angler, new unique games

Playing multiplayer games with friends always seemed more exciting. There is always a separate furor that occur when playing the game together with friends-especially if the game is played more than two players. Well, that's what you want highlighted by Dolanan Games, a game studio based in Surabaya, with their game titled Angler.

Angler is a competitive game 4 players fight in the arena. This game brings the party game genre that emphasizes reflexes and strategy to shoot. The focus of the game is to shoot other players while getting a ball and survived for not getting the ball.

The game rules itself is very simple. Early in the game, you can determine victory points between 1-15. When playing, you will move a coin. This coin has a magnet at the side and will catch a ball that is inserted into the game. The ball itself moves freely. When you get the ball, then the ball will stick to your character.

after getting the ball, your job now is to fire the ball towards the enemy. Direction of the shot is from the center point toward the position of the ball character attached.

When you hit the enemy, you will get one point and shot the enemy will lose one point. Oh, and keep in mind, if any player that is going to release a ball that he can when shot, you know! So do not spend a lot of your time to take a ball that eventually shot.

Until the time of this writing, Angler can be played using two types of controllers: Joystick and Keyboard & Mouse. Games Dolanan own party recommend this game to be played by using the joystick.

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