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The Light Seeker the games review

One more new game development studio claim is The Light Seeker. Game Working Clay Game Studio, an independent developer based in the city of Malang combines platformer genre, adventure, and puzzle. You act as Kimo, cute monsters living at the bottom of the earth. Kimo adventure to find the light. In the middle of his journey he will be confronted by various enemies and have to solve various puzzles.

The Light Seeker tells the adventures of Kimo, a monster living deep underground. He felt lonely in the basement, as well as continue to feel tired because of darkness. Monster named Kimo is also now has a strong desire to see the light, to see the world outside the underground. The trick, when he saw a glimmer of light, he always followed. Until finally he met whisp, strange creatures that drift, and could bring Kimo out of the darkness of the underground. Kimo was very happy to hear it, and are now guiding Kimo whisp to find a way out. Whisp actually has a bigger plan. He wanted to lead Kimo somewhere where Kradyrev aka The Light Eater stay. She was the mastermind behind the dark underground, and whisp believe Kimo able to beat Kradyrev (whose name seems like the opposite of the word "verydark," which means "very dark." Kradyrev itself is believed to be monsters of evil and dangerous, and he was able to eat a light source . He plans to eat all the light in the world, so that all beings would perish without light.

The Light Seeker developed for PC Windows, Mac and Linux, so that the main control later using the WASD keys and the directional keys. For the main features of this platforming game like level design that not only horizontally, but vertically, and Kimo can jump while he remains grounded pata vertical plane. During the journey, there will be obstacles, such as enemies, spikes in the ground etc. Kimo also can collect light during the game. A kind of source of energy, he had to collect the light to keep moving and jumping. However Kimo can still jump and move even without the light energy, but its movement slowed, and the jump is not too high. Then to fight his boss, Clay Game Studio make it more dynamic. His size is larger than Kimo, placed at the end of each chapter. Bosses are not easily defeated, and it took several phases during the battle, and they could evolve within each phase.

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