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Deeper look to Attack on titan games

Tecmo Koei officially confirmed the game Attack on Titan (temporary title) for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita and early August 2015. And a team of developers who handle it, it was not another hack and slash game specialist colossal, Omega Force. Game Attack on Titan new manifold with the release plan Action Adventure 2016 in Japan and the West. For now, Koei Tecmo ensuring gamers in Japan will get also a limited edition version of Treasure Pack that was released simultaneously with the standard edition. The limited edition is sold at a price of approximately $140, and packaging the bonus as Official Investigation Record Collection, soundtrack, towel muffler (scarf), two sets of badges Eren, Mikasa, and Levi, as well as a code to download exclusive costume.

Yesterday Koei Tecmo provide some new information. Previously we already reveal what you can do using 3D Maneuver Gear. Additionally, Tecmo Koei also reveal how the scenario in the game Omega Force claim is presented. Hajime Isayama also involved handle the story and also some ideas in the middle of its gameplay, which briefly mentioned able to make you free to explore the world Attack on Titan - or they refer to it as the Tactical Hunting Action. The scenario itself is opened from the beginning of the original story of the manga / anime, and mode describes everything that happened during the story in the manga / anime, and included also some additional scenarios raised the characters that are not widely played in the anime. Voiced anime version back role in the game's Attack on Titan

Rows of new screenshots released Tecmo Koei to show what the first chapter of the overall scenario in the game, namely in the area of ​​training Trost, which tells the reason why Eren Yaeger joined dengam Survey Corp. When the 10-year-old Eren, in the year 845, titan suddenly appeared. The gigantic size is larger than the wall , managed to get into. Eren's mother, Carla, eaten by one titan. Titan failed to block the invasion, and the Armored Titan that forced entry., Makes Wall Maria was abandoned, and mankind also chose to flee to the side of the Wall Rose. Eren also vowed to take revenge on the titan, go to 104th Trainees Survey Squad to become a member of the Corps. Three years later, Colossal Titan back on the attack. Eren face them alone, but failed to destroy it. Eren who led the attack, but all troops eaten titan, with Eren injured in the leg. And Eren is also nearly saved Armin, sacrificing himself to titan.

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