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Pokémon Picross quick look

Nintendo Nintendo Direct held yesterday 12 November 2015, and as usual, there are a lot of new information about the game Wii U and 3DS disclosed during the online presentation, especially for those games that will be released later this year, until next year. One game that was confirmed during the Nintendo Direct is Picross Pokemon, a new themed puzzle game that was released for free Pokemon. Initially anyway, because certainly microtransaction inserted in the middle of the game. Pokémon Picross was developed for the 3DS, and will be released in early December 2015 through Nintendo eShop!

According to Nintendo, the Pokémon Picross illustrations you will be treated to Pokémon that have to be rearranged through the puzzle, so that the overall open hidden illustrations. The main feature of this game is, so you managed to solve puzzles and unlock Pokemon illustration, you could collect his Pokémon. In addition to the standard puzzle supplied 300+ Pokémon in Pokémon Picross you can also play a more advanced hard mode.

Here's the official explanation of Nintendo for this game:

"Pokemon Picross is a puzzle game to complete and reveal a hidden Pokemon illustration. The main feature of this game is that once you solve a puzzle and complete an illustration of a Pokemon, you can collect the Pokémon. In addition to standard 300+ puzzles Pokemon, Pokemon Picrosshas an advanced mode that is Significantly harder. It also has Daily Training to help players improve Reviews their skills. This free-to start the game launches in the Nintendo eShop early December."

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