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MapleStory M the games quick look

To date, MapleStory is still open to the public services in Indonesia by Lyto. Well, at the G-Star 2015 as a developer and publisher Nexon also brought a surprise by confirming the title MapleStory mobile game MapleStory Mobile or abbreviated with MapleStory M!

Previously, MapleStory has several times entered into the mobile realm. One of them is probably still fresh in the memory is Pocket MapleStory which was released to the Southeast Asian market some time ago. However, in the introduction in G-Star 2015, Nexon revealed that this game is different from the Pocket MapleStory. Nexon might want to release the game MapleStory "real" for mobile with this game, although previously already have several series on mobile.

Not many details were confirmed about MapleStory M is considering Nexon will reportedly present a gameplay demo right in the implementation of the G-Star 2015 are ongoing. But unlike the Pocket MapleStory which only has three characters as a starter, MapleStory M has 5 different classes. In its official statement, Nexon some features MapleStory M include a wide variety of quests and missions to be executed, character customization and community features that will make you felt nostalgic for the PC version of MapleStory. The proof can you see in the trailer above, where it is MapleStory M really like MapleStory were "transferred" from PC to mobile.

Until this article was written, the G-Star 2015 is still ongoing until November 15, 2015 and Nexon has yet to confirm when this game will be released globally. But clearly, MapleStory M prepared for the two most popular mobile platforms, Android and iOS. M MapleStory MapleStory is itself a second title showed his face at the G-Star 2015 after MapleStory Nexon also introduce VR that use virtual reality technology.

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