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Who's behind Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade games??

During the Japan Amusement Expo held in Chiba, Japan mid-February 2015 and then, Square Enix confirmed Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade. Although using Dissidia title, this game is not a remake or a remastered version of Dissidia Final Fantasy which we have known before on PSP. Start visual definitely not a handheld class, some of the new system is applied here. Such as the fight now uses a system of three-versus-three-different from the original game (1-vs-1), then there are new characters also certainly enter rostern, as Y'Shtola of Final Fantasy XIV, which debuted playable here. We are 100% sure Square Enix will enter the characters from Final Fantasy XV, but so far no one has confirmed.

Square Enix have confirmed, if Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade will be released 26 November 2015 to come. Late last October, Square Enix opened registration for anyone who wants to become a tester of this game, which took place at their headquarters in Tokyo, and held for two days on the 14th and 15th of November. And thanks to the pre-play the event, we also get some video impressions gameplay for multiple characters

And because it was developed by Team Ninja, does not rule out if this game will end up using Soft Engine technology, which they apply to the Dead or Alive series. The engine has been tested to make skin of the characters in Dead or Alive looks more real, and more natural, human-like original. Supported by a good appearance of the character, you can imagine what the results.

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