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Adudu Attacks and Ejojo Attacks the games for mobile

After the success of mobile gaming with fast gameplay in the series BoBoiBoy, this time 8elements again spoil the fans BoBoiBoy by organizing events for 2 BoBoiBoy game series, namely BoBoiBoy: Adudu Attacks and BoBoiBoy: Ejojo Attacks. Massive Attack event is being held from November 18, 2015, and lasted for one week. During the event, you are asked to work together to help BoBoiBoy to defeat the attack Massive Attack sent by Adudu. There will be a large number of monsters that will appear in the game, and you are with a friend should clean these monsters as much as possible, within one week only.

The greatest player with the highest number of hits will get a special prize, namely Cocoa free! But you still have to be vigilant, because it takes a good cooperation within the group. Because if no monsters are defeated altogether in one week, then you will not receive any prize. If you have not played it, you just go ahead and download the series via the app store game BoBoiBoy each platform

BoBoiBoy a TV serial number 1 in Malaysia. Produced by Animonsta Studios, this animated series tells the story of a child who has extraordinary powers to deal with alien beings who want to attack Earth. Together with four friends Ying, Yaya, Gopal, Dan Fang. BoBoiBoy tried to block the box headed alien named Adu Du green along with the Probe and Computer wanting cocoa beans in order to conquer Earth. For the version of the game, 8elements, mobile game developer headquartered in Hong Kong and his team spread in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia, becoming partners Animonsta Studios to develop and launch a series of games on Google Play and the App Store.

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