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Sekar’s Adventure, new games from ADK

indie game studio, ADK Games, confirm when their latest game, Sekar's Adventure will be released. Sekar's Adventure will be present from the end of November 2015 is precisely on 30 November 2015 in the form of Early Access (Prototype) in Game Jolt. In this game are shown only 4 levels and 2 enemy alone. This follows previous game GDG Prime event in 2015 and passed the selection "30 Best Game YummyYummyTummy Challenge" and in this game Prototype showcase results from GDG Prime 2015 event yesterday. The only difference is now there are features joystick, whereas previously only used keyborad and mouse to control.

Sekar's Adventure is a game-themed 3D Side-Scrolling Games developed by ADK Games. This game tells a woman named Sekar, the beginning of the story wherein Sekar was born in a village called Shekelhowa, the village there was fighting, monsters and other creatures destroyed the village Shekelhowa, Sekar could not do anything, but when grace "Heavenly Rays -Heavenly Lightning "came give strength to Sekar, and that's when Sekar grown to become a Warrior. After he became a strong Swordsman, but the village was destroyed nothing left. Then Sekar wants to avenge his anger dendamkan to the monsters. And he had to rescue another village who wants to destroy the monsters.

during play this game reminds us of the Megaman X (Rockman X). There is a feature that makes wherein Sekar can do a dash by pressing Shift-both on land and air. Oh, and you can even do a dash attack while in the air, you know! Arguably the dash features (and also double jump) in this game is the thing that makes us interested to play.

Control in this game itself is actually rather complicated if you are not familiar. To move to the right and to the left, use A and D, and then you press the Space bar to jump. Well this is where the problem is, because Sekar's Adventure is a side-scrolling game, surely you are stuck going to press W to jump than use spaces.

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