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A few good list of PC games in 2015

Kerbal Space Program (SQUADTeam)

As one of the people who admire the world of astronomy, Kerbal Space Program is one game that can play writer. Kerbal Space Program actually reminds us of a very high human ambition to reach and explore outer space, but packaged in a way that is very fun. Half the game has a construction element is thick, and the other half presents a simulation game space makes this game no doubt is one of the best PC game of 2015.

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth (Nicalis)
After last year Rebirth which entered the ranks of the best PC game, now turn to another series of The Binding of Isaac, Afterbirth which completes the list of 10 best PC games of 2015. Characteristic of a high replay value is retained Nicalis in this game. Not much change in terms of graphics, and the graphics might not great. However, Afterbirth able to play your emotions, between happy, frustrated, sad to lose the items in the middle of the game.

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