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Becoming healthy with choices around you

Life is full of choices. And when we talk about choice, given bid is not always the opposite. In fact, not infrequently, we actually found that offer different advantages and disadvantages thin. The situation also happens when we have to decide which option is healthier among other healthy options. So, let's liberate themselves from the healthy choice the following dilemma:

1. Ordering dessert or a second glass of wine as a cover to eat at a restaurant?

Choose: dessert.

The researchers suggested that women simply enjoy a glass of wine every day, no more than that. "Enjoy alcohol at moderate levels can reduce the risk of heart attack. But for women, the limit is a glass a day, "said Jo Ann Manson, chief of disease prevention of Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital.

And according to Heather Spencer Feigelson, PhD., Senior epidemilogis of the American Cancer Society, the alcohol would trigger breast cancer. "Better to choose a dessert instead of consuming alcohol. For a glass of alcohol alone can pose a cancer risk. "

Do not forget, because generally dessert has a high sugar content, we still have to be aware when enjoying it. For too frees herself with dessert can also pose new risks, namely obesity, diabetes, and heart attack. Try to choose sorbet or fruit instead of cheesecake tart.

2. Build noon or get up early and exercise?

Pick: Get up early and exercise.

Ideally, we slept 7-8 hours per night. And if we equip it with regular exercise every morning, it can optimize the work of our biological clock. As a result, we do not need an alarm because every morning, we will wake up at the same time and asked for the body fitness movement.

"The morning sun will be a signal for our biological clock to make the body react more regularly," said Shawn D. Youngstedt, PhD., Sleep health researchers from the University of South Carolina in Columbia.

But if we sleep an hour less than 7-8 hours, preferably more hours of sleep. Especially in mothers who have just given birth, they will have a new sleeping hours because at night should be awakened to breastfeed the baby. This condition requires the adequacy of sleep that our bodies stay healthy and focused perform various activities.

3. When there is a clash, the better with warm water or ice?

Choose: Compress with ice.

Time is an appropriate indicator to choose whether to use warm water or ice. And many health experts argue sports, the first 24-48 hours post-injury muscle will be very good if muted with ice.

"Vigorous exercise causes muscle tissue we 'wounded'. The wound may be very thin, microscopic but can cause inflammation and pain, "says Cedric Bryant, PhD., Head of the sports psychologist at the American Council on Exercise." And the ice will greatly contribute to reduce pain and prevent swelling.

"Bryant advised us to compress for 15-20 minutes, 3 times a day. If you happen to stock ice we run out, use frozen food packaging stored in the freezer as for first aid in muscle injury.

Do not forget, after 48 hours, the warm water will greatly help the injured muscles recover. Because the warm water makes the blood circulation back smoothly so that the process of recovery of damaged muscles can be done immediately. "Soaking sore muscles in warm water will also help," said Carol E.Torgan, PhD., A spokesman for the American College of Sports Medicine. Complete with mild heating or easy exercise so that the muscles are not too long in a state of rigid.

4. Breakfast with donuts or no breakfast at all?

Choose: breakfast with donuts.

"Asleep in bed for 8 hours at night does not mean that our bodies do not need new energy supplies. If we did not have breakfast then hunger will not be transferred, plus our blood sugar plummeted to make us trouble concentrating, "says Kristine Clark, PhD., RD., Director of sports nutrition at Penn State University, Pennsylvania.

That's why Clark and other health experts agree remind us not skip breakfast. A study even revealed that respondents who did not have breakfast it will eat more calories in a day.

Try to complete our donuts with a glass of low-fat milk. "At least we come to supply protein to the body, not just fat," said Clark. The extra protein will keep us full longer, rather than just breakfast with donuts.

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