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A few example of easy exercise to try

In the morning, before leaving for the move, you need exercises that can generate energy and enthusiasm. Instead, after a long day, you definitely want to practice calming nature.

Program of Mandy Ingber, Yogalosophy DVD star and actress Jennifer Aniston's yoga trainer, it can satisfy both. Just select and adjust the movement with the goal you want to achieve. Shortly after doing this program with the routine, the body fit and energetic, and mentally happy and calm will be yours.


Mattresses, chairs without arms, yoga block.

Exercise rules:

Select the poses to suit the purpose of exercise, whether for relaxing or uplifting. Do as much as two sets. For each pose, hold the movement for 60 seconds. If this time is too long, rest for a moment, then continue the exercise. Practice as often as you can.

How to Breathe:

To pep up, breathing hard and fast through the nose as much as 50 breaths per minute. For a calming effect, breathe slowly through the nose as much as 10-15 breaths per minute.


Standing, feet shoulder width apart, left foot swivel outwards. Extend both arms to the side, slowly move your body to the left, the body remains upright, chest facing forward. Straight right hand leads to the ceiling.


Place the seat on the left side of the body. Piles left hand on the chair seat, right hand remains outstretched toward the ceiling. With tools such as chairs, you will be easier to do this pose.


Move your right hand toward the back until it reaches the left thigh. Extend your left hand to the side parallel to the floor and palms facing forward. Keep your body upright and chest facing forward. Hold his best.


This double exercise, soothe and make the spirit. Stand with feet together. Lower your body, bend your knees as will sitting position. Keep your back straight, both hands above his head and both palms facing each other.

Bend your knees 45 degrees, then lower the hands. A meeting both hands in front of chest. The position of the hands as this also can help maintain balance.

Lift arms straight exceed the top of the head while standing on tiptoe. Body weight rests on the ends of the toes.


Kneeling position with the weight resting on your palms and toes. The position of the hips below the shoulder. Body forms a straight line from head to toe.

Inhale as much as five times. Lift hips, pulling and exhaled several times. Lower the hips, back to its original position.

Lift your right leg a few inches off the floor, pulling twice interesting and exhaled. After that, replace it with the left foot. Most of the weight rests alternating between the right leg with the left leg.


Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Bend from the hips, bring the chest toward the thighs. Let's head and both hands are free to rely. Bend your knees, if necessary.


Sit in a chair with your feet shoulder-width apart. Feet flat on the floor. Bend forward until the chest flat on the thigh. Close your eyes and breathe slowly.


Body still bent, arms dangling to the floor, palms facing upwards. Put your hands under your feet (see figure). Tighten the thigh and calf muscles back. Gently push the torso closer and closer towards the thighs so that the back of the thigh muscles tightened.

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