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Food to recommend and avoid for diet

When you wish to lose weight, most people are more focused on keeping their food intake. Choosing brown rice instead of white rice, choose fruits and vegetables instead of junk food, or avoid to eat too late, for example.

Unfortunately, a healthy diet is often not balanced with a healthy drink. In fact, the right drink can optimize metabolism, restrain appetite, to reduce calories.

Instead, the drinks were wrong, could make calories into the body shot up. The average American only, regular pick-calorie beverages reaches 1 to 5 times their daily caloric needs. So, where the best and worst drinks to your diet?

diet soda = enemy

A bottle of soda only contribute hundreds of empty calories with no nutritional value. Replace it with diet soda probably crossed your mind. However, the effectiveness of diet soda until now is still causing controversy. There are those who feel diet soda help for weight loss in the short term, others feel this type of soda actually make weight gain.

Of water = companions diet

Nothing other than the best option to replace sugary drinks packaging with a glass of water. You seemed to have saved the body of hundreds of calories useless. In fact, drinking two glasses of water before a meal can help the stomach feel full, making not eat too much. In addition, water can also help the body maximize metabolism, burn calories into energy.

Fruit juice diet = friend and foe

Calories in a glass of fruit juice is almost the same as a bottle of soda calories. The difference, fruit juice offers a lot of nutrients, such as vitamins and antioxidants. Fruit juice is certainly could be a friend of the diet, with the proviso, selected fruit juices derived from natural fruit without added sugar.

Medium fruit juice packaging, may be the enemy when less careful in reading nutrition labels. However, you can scrape calorie fruit juice packaging, by mixing water before drinking.

Vegetable juice diet = friend

Nutrients contained in fresh vegetable juice with the same amount of fresh fruit juice. In fact, it contains fewer calories and sodium are more. For example, 1 cup tomato juice contains only 41 calories, while a glass of orange juice contains 122 calories. Choose fiber-rich vegetables, can help control hunger.

Smoothies = friend and foe diet

A glass base material smooties with bananas, strawberries, and blueberries will produce delicious drinks without added sugar. Could be a good friend when you make it yourself at home, because it can be combined with skim milk or almond milk. Smooties being made in the restaurant could be the enemy, because it is added to the ice cream, honey, or other high-calorie sweeteners.

Low-fat dairy diet = friend

A glass of milk can contribute nutrients your body needs, especially protein and calcium. A number of studies have also found that a person who diligently drinking milk will be easier to lose weight. And the best option is a low-fat or skim milk.

= Enemy diet energy drinks

Energy drinks have as many calories as soda. Despite having more nutrients, but healthy foods like fruits and vegetables appeared to have vitamins and minerals better. In fact, water is believed to have the same effect of body hydration with sports drinks during exercise, in addition to more friendly to the diet. Except for the sport makes you expend a lot of energy and sweat, energy drinks can help.

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