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Benefits of mint leaves to help you diet

talking about diet, there are many ways you can do that calories from food into the body does not exceed the amount of calories that can be burned by the body. Provide fresh mint leaves, could be one way that is easy and healthy thing to do.

According to dietitian and nutritionist Cynthia Sass, mint leaves have appetite suppressing effects are almost as good as a diet drug sold in the market.

You can start adding mint leaves in a cup of tea, freshly squeezed orange juice sweet without sugar, even toothpaste.

For an easier option, you can eat a mint flavored chewing gum at least once a day. But unfortunately, this does not apply to the sweet chocolate drink or ice cream with mint.

"Strong mint aroma is a natural food appetite suppressant that you can use to suppress appetite. The aroma also has a psychological effect that makes you feel satisfied after inhalation of freshness, so that it can keep you from overeating. As you know, the key to success is to eat a diet appropriate portions and not excessive, "said Sass.

Sass continued, if a time you feel "cravings" to eat sweets or salty, put some leaves of fresh mint in drinking water or tea without sugar, can make that desire subsides within 20 minutes.

How, breathe deeply the scent ask before you sip the drink, do it slowly and feel the effects.

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