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Another Best PS vita games for 2015

Hohokum (Honey Slug)
Unique. Maybe that word is suitable for Hohokum. This game has art that is truly unique and is equipped with shock and good music to listen. Unfortunately, sometimes because his art is too unique, the navigation system in this game becomes confusing. Even so, Hohokum is one of the best games PS Vita in 2015 that you should try.

Frozen Synapse Prime (Double Eleven Studios)
ps vita game best frozen 2015 synapse if you like strategy games then you must play Frozen Synapse Prime. This game will train you to mix strategies carefully. Each level in a turn-based game will present a psychological duel pretty thrilling.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night (P-Studio)
As with his other series Persona, Persona 4: Dancing All Night has a nice story development with a bandage interesting mystery. Story in this game full of meaning, the characters also great and the music was fantastic. In addition, interesting items also continued to come when you play this game, makes you want to continue to play Persona 4: Dancing All Nights throughout the night.

Freedom Wars (Shift)
Although touted as clones Monster Hunter, there is no denying that the Freedom Wars is one of the most successful games. This game has a strong enemies and quite difficult-but not impossible-to be defeated. Rewards of any winnings and also upgrade and customization options make this game interesting to play.

Titan Souls (Acid Nerve)
ps vita game titan soulTitan best 2015 bout with control Souls have excellent and exciting. This game will truly test your skill when playing. Each boss presented also really creative.

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