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Kinds of food to help you build mass

Not only women, men also want a slim stomach. Various methods are used to get lean and toned stomach, one with exercise. However, to obtain maximum results, in addition to regular exercise, you can eat five foods below.

According to David Zinczenko in his book Zero Belly diet, five meals will speed up the metabolism, resist hunger and belly fat burning mechanism set automatically.

Whole egg (white and yolk as well) it contains 61 calories. However, calories are not the only important thing in an attempt to lose weight. Egg yolks should devoured too, because it contains the type of vitamin D and vitamin B, called choline, which works directly on the genes that trigger fat storage in the abdominal area. That is why heavy drinkers usually have belly fat, because alcohol can deplete choline, thus causing weight gain around the liver.

Avoid: White Eggs
Egg whites also contain high protein, folate, selenium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Egg whites are generally consumed by bodybuilders who are trying to build muscle. However, for you are not athletes, the consumption of egg whites too much is not recommended. "Because the egg white contains high sulfur, sometimes people may experience side effects such as bloating, diarrhea or other digestive disorders," explains fitness trainer Vinod Channa. According to him, consumption of egg whites must be accompanied by a combination of fiber and good fats.

Baked Potato (Baked Potato)
Including potato tubers that help satiety last longer, thanks to the carbohydrate content and high fiber. In fact, more filling than other healthy foods such as brown rice or oatmeal. The more you feel full, the more you avoid cravings, resulting in excess calories.

Avoid: Fried Potatoes
Not all types of potatoes are created equal. Baked potato with skin that is rich in nutrients, much different in terms of calories compared with fries. A study revealed that the fries are included in the list of foods that the main cause of eating disorders. Fat and salt are high, causing the snack is not good if consumed regularly and in large quantities.

Fresh apple fruit is one of the best sources of fiber, and nutrient proven to reduce belly fat. In each 10 grams of soluble fiber consumed per day, the belly fat will be reduced to 3.7 per cent over five years, according to a study. In addition, apples contain antioxidants (flavonoids), which helps protect the body from cardiovascular disease.

Avoid: Apple Juice
Apple juice fast (in bottles or cartons) is arguably one of the most juice high in sugar. Sweetness mostly from fructose, a type of sugar that is often the cause of developing belly fat.

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