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Signs that you need food containing with fats

Many of us who avoid foods containing fat. In fact, there are good fats and bad fats contained in the body. Good fat should we eat the body so that the body does not experience the bad things that are not cool. There are five signs that we should eat more including those containing good fats:

1. Hungry all the time

Fat in the diet can regulate appetite and make us meras full longer throughout the day. Therefore, the lack of fat in the body may make us always feel hungry.

2. Feeling tired mentally

Feeling tired on the mental or soul we can reduce the spirit in the move, then make us more angry. When the stomach is empty, it will affect the working of the brain slows down. With this, we must increase the intake of omega 3 fatty acids.

3. Dry skin

When your skin feels dry, maybe the body is the lack of fat. Fat in the diet will make the skin better because it contains nutrients that are good. At least we have to include some fatty foods in the diet to cope with dry skin.

4. Feeling cold all the time

If we often feel cold even in summer, there is a possibility that we lack the body fat. How not, the fat in the body can provide warmth naturally for us.

5. The body often feels ill

It is more specifically concerned with the problem of joints in the body. Some pain, from arthritis injury may be the reason the body is the lack of fat. Fat can help restore and repair the wound.

That's him five marks we have to eat more. Do you experience any of these signs?

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