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Signs that you need food containing with fats

Many of us who avoid foods containing fat. In fact, there are good fats and bad fats contained in the body. Good fat should we eat the body so that the body does not experience the bad things that are not cool. There are five signs that we should eat more including those containing good fats:

1. Hungry all the time

Fat in the diet can regulate appetite and make us meras full longer throughout the day. Therefore, the lack of fat in the body may make us always feel hungry.

2. Feeling tired mentally

Feeling tired on the mental or soul we can reduce the spirit in the move, then make us more angry. When the stomach is empty, it will affect the working of the brain slows down. With this, we must increase the intake of omega 3 fatty acids.

3. Dry skin

When your skin feels dry, maybe the body is the lack of fat. Fat in the diet will make the skin better because it contains nutrients that are good. At least we have to include some fatty foods in the diet to cope with dry skin.

4. Feeling cold all the time

If we often feel cold even in summer, there is a possibility that we lack the body fat. How not, the fat in the body can provide warmth naturally for us.

5. The body often feels ill

It is more specifically concerned with the problem of joints in the body. Some pain, from arthritis injury may be the reason the body is the lack of fat. Fat can help restore and repair the wound.

That's him five marks we have to eat more. Do you experience any of these signs?

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Kinds of food to help you build mass

Not only women, men also want a slim stomach. Various methods are used to get lean and toned stomach, one with exercise. However, to obtain maximum results, in addition to regular exercise, you can eat five foods below.

According to David Zinczenko in his book Zero Belly diet, five meals will speed up the metabolism, resist hunger and belly fat burning mechanism set automatically.

Whole egg (white and yolk as well) it contains 61 calories. However, calories are not the only important thing in an attempt to lose weight. Egg yolks should devoured too, because it contains the type of vitamin D and vitamin B, called choline, which works directly on the genes that trigger fat storage in the abdominal area. That is why heavy drinkers usually have belly fat, because alcohol can deplete choline, thus causing weight gain around the liver.

Avoid: White Eggs
Egg whites also contain high protein, folate, selenium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Egg whites are generally consumed by bodybuilders who are trying to build muscle. However, for you are not athletes, the consumption of egg whites too much is not recommended. "Because the egg white contains high sulfur, sometimes people may experience side effects such as bloating, diarrhea or other digestive disorders," explains fitness trainer Vinod Channa. According to him, consumption of egg whites must be accompanied by a combination of fiber and good fats.

Baked Potato (Baked Potato)
Including potato tubers that help satiety last longer, thanks to the carbohydrate content and high fiber. In fact, more filling than other healthy foods such as brown rice or oatmeal. The more you feel full, the more you avoid cravings, resulting in excess calories.

Avoid: Fried Potatoes
Not all types of potatoes are created equal. Baked potato with skin that is rich in nutrients, much different in terms of calories compared with fries. A study revealed that the fries are included in the list of foods that the main cause of eating disorders. Fat and salt are high, causing the snack is not good if consumed regularly and in large quantities.

Fresh apple fruit is one of the best sources of fiber, and nutrient proven to reduce belly fat. In each 10 grams of soluble fiber consumed per day, the belly fat will be reduced to 3.7 per cent over five years, according to a study. In addition, apples contain antioxidants (flavonoids), which helps protect the body from cardiovascular disease.

Avoid: Apple Juice
Apple juice fast (in bottles or cartons) is arguably one of the most juice high in sugar. Sweetness mostly from fructose, a type of sugar that is often the cause of developing belly fat.

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The Best 5 games of PS4 from 2015

You include a new in the gaming world, and choose the platform Sony PlayStation 4 as associates play? Well, there are many interesting games that could be played after the PS4 be present during these two years. And to facilitate the search, here we chose 5 of the best games released for the PS4 over the past year. Choose it very difficult, because in addition to almost all the games have the advantage, also released multi-platform, so that the impression of exclusivity a little fade. But Sony still keep their gaming console with many exclusive titles, especially until the end of next year, so it could be your long-term entertainment investment. For the year 2015, as we often touted, Bloodborne has become the most prominent and can be proud by Sony, in addition to a row of many indie game that was beyond expectations is no less interesting.

Batman: Arkham Knight (Rocksteady Studios)

Whileman: Arkham Knight (Rocksteady Studios)

Whileman: Arkham Knight (Rocksteady Studios)

While the PC vensole version of Batman: Arkham Knight present much better. This game is really close Arkham series perfectly, both in terms of gameplay and story offered. You could say this is a detective game at the same time the best superhero game ever until today. Various additional features such as driving a Batmobile also increased the value of this game.

Life is Strange (Dontnod Entertainment)
If you are comfortable with the concept of the game Adventure with minimal action, and more reading texts or follow the exposure scenario, this is the game of choice, and very worth it to be played and owned. In Life is Strange you get the character and the story is simple, but served with an interesting delivery. As typical of other episodic game, there are five chapters that you can play alternately, sequentially. Each chapter has a story that is related to each other, but interestingly, the actions that we do have different consequences, and each path we take is not to be equal to each other, it makes us more comfortable to play this game multiple times ,

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance (Nippon Ichi Software)
As a Disgaea fan, it is hard not to instantly fall in love with this new series. Alliance of Vengeance brings back all strategy RPG gameplay that you like from the Disgaea series, but with the addition here and there makes it better on all sides. Remains complex and deep. Even to the detail of the character class, it could take a long time for you to master and understand. Like The Witcher 3, we recommend that you provide sufficient time to master this 5 Disgaea. Do not, just select your favorite character classes, not necessarily all, because you still have a social life outside Netherworlds instead of having to improve all levels of his character until 9999!

Rocket League (Psyonix)
Rocket League may not be as famous as the other names are in the list. But make no mistake, this sports game more interesting than any sports game released this year. Do not be surprised if during The Game Awards some time ago Rocket League was able to get rid of big names such as FIFA 16, Forza Motorsport 6, NBA 2K16 and even Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. In addition to your gamer PS4, the game is still proud because the console exclusive for the PS4, in addition also released for Windows PCs. In short, this is football where you control the vehicle "monster" (No Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal in there). Its gameplay fun, can be addictive, and its multiplayer aspect is only less than Splatoon its Wii U console games category.

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (The Chinese Room)
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is also one independent gaming to be reckoned for the PS4. Considered to be the spiritual successor to Dear Esther, the same genre game of the year 2012 and for Windows and Mac, which a lot of praise for the entire game focused on the story, from the beginning and end only involves emotion narratives, while we enjoy the game artwork. Due to the PC maybe we are not familar with the game. But for the console class, we can equate the overall gameplay as ICO. This game takes the world of open world setting, explore in simple first-person view, and focused on storytelling. There are six characters (mentioned as a scientist) who has / tells its own story, and each story they would relate to important events that occurred in the world where the game settings are taken (why there Resurrection), and will evolve as the game goes.

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