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Exercise strategy for getting flatter belly

You already implementing a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Ideal body weight has been reached. But still look bloated stomach. How do I fix this?

Exercises for stomach was not going to cash eliminate protruding belly. Exercise crunches will only strengthen the abdominal muscles under the fat layer. It turns out this fat layer must be removed first in order to toned abdominal muscles become conspicuous.

How to get rid of this fat must be thorough. Best sports to eliminate this fat is with cardio exercise.

When the exercise was done was also successfully eliminate belly fat, perhaps it is time to change strategy. Make sure the exercise is performed with high intensity cardio burns calories as running, swimming, jumping rope, or hiking. High intensity exercise also helps burn body fat overall.

Another strategy to burn fat is to increase the speed interval of exercise performed. This method is proven to burn fat in the abdomen.

You can also overcome the bumps in the stomach by adjusting the diet. Avoid foods that contain trans fatty fast food such as cookies, crackers, margarine, and sweet breads.

Instead, consume foods that contain monounsaturated fatty acids such as avocados, nuts and olive fat.

Other beneficial foods such as fresh pineapple overcome fat, protein such as low-fat milk, and high-fiber foods pear and green vegetables.

It is no less important in slimming the stomach is stress. Stress triggers the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that has to do with an increase in appetite and abdominal fat.

Perform actions that can cope with stress such as yoga, meditation, massage or just drink hot tea or a warm bath. All of it is a way of relieving the stress that the ends will help streamline the stomach.

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