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What is DASH diet??

DASH diet back in the top spot for 6 consecutive years in the annual diets ranked in US News & World Report released Tuesday (01/05/2015).

For this year, there are 38 programs assessed diet - an increase of 3 diet compared to 2015 - with a ranking that was based on the review panel of experts.

Two additional new diet program got a very high value: MIND diet, which focuses on improving brain health and diet Fertility (fertility) that aims to help women to get pregnant faster.

MIND diet program combines the features of the DASH diet and the Mediterranean aimed at improving brain health.

This ranking also add new categories, namely Best Diets for Fast Weight Loss (best diet for weight loss fastest).

"We realize that people who diet may have short-term weight loss goals and requires choices to make it happen in a healthy way," said Angela Haupt, editor senor health in U.S News.

DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) has been developed by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute to help prevent high blood pressure.

The diet focuses on the consumption of more fruits, vegetables and grains as well as lowering salt consumption.

Besides named Best Overall diet (diet Best In Overall), DASH also ranks first in the category of Best Diets for Healthy Eating (Diet for Healthy Eating).

Weight Watchers occupies first place in the category of Best Weight Loss Diets (best weight loss diet). Weight Watchers program and Mayo Clinic occupies the same sequence for the category of Best Commercial Wight Loss diet (diet weight loss best commercially), with Jenny Craig ranks next.

Each person chooses a diet method with different reasons. For some, short-term weight loss, the other for the long term.

One of the latest contenders, as the name suggests, aims to improve a woman's chance of getting pregnant. While others diet to promote heart health, overcome diabetes or to lower the risk of the disease.

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