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The advice so you can get your healthy resolution

For those of you who have a healthy lifestyle resolutions, there are tips from fitness expert Adam Rosante that noble intention was achieved. There are times when we fail in the middle of the road, but no way to return to the original resolution.

1. You are not alone
You are not the only one who promised to be slimmer in the new year. That is, you are not the only one who worked hard to remain faithful to the determination of healthy living. "The most common resolution is starting to exercise or diet program to get back into shape," said Adam Rosante.

2. Sometimes we fail
You have been trying our best, but sometimes there are days where we failed. It was normal. "We all sometimes on the path to goal from time to time," said Rosante.

3. Create measurable goals
Interest will be difficult to achieve if we can not measure it. "make big picture that purpose and describe into small steps that can be done every day. For example, with the goal of slimmer, spend a few minutes to decide the definition of slim for you. That can mean eliminating fat and add muscle. It could also mean increased capability run into the farther or faster without running out of breath, "he said.

4. Find support of friends
In order to stay on track New Year's resolution, join a program with a group of friends for mutual support. "The key is to adjust to other friends who have the same goal. When it through tough times, you have a friend who motivate and inspire," added Rosante.

5. Give a gift to yourself
Creating a more slender body is an enjoyable process. For that, give yourself the gift of time. "At the end of each week, give yourself a gift to remain faithful to the goal. Gifts such as this sometimes needed to get up and move when you feel reluctant to exercise," advises Rosante.

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