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Drinking electrolyte drink after exercise is important

electrolyte drink is believed to be able to replace lost body fluids after exercise.

However, how important to consume liquid electrolytes after exercise?

Before knowing the answer, it helps broaden insight into the electrolyte fluid.

"Electrolytes are positively or negatively charged substances that conduct electricity into the body. Examples of electrolytes, among others, Sodium, sodium and potassium minerals," said Michael Bergeron, Ph.D., an expert from the American College of Sports Medicine, as reported by the Women's Health on Tuesday.

Basically, the body is one giant electrical system. Electrolyte has many functions, among other things, help muscles to tie up, maintain, and distribute water through the cells of the body.

When exercising, there is a lot of wasted body fluid electrolytes.

"Someone who is an intense workout can lose liters of sweat per hour. In other words, there are thousands of milligrams of electrolytes go wasted," explained Bergeron.

Loss of electrolytes makes the body difficult to bind water. The effect is, thirst is not lost even if you have to drink several glasses of water.

"In conclusion, consuming beverages berelektrolit quite important because there are a lot of wasted body fluids after exercise," said Bergeron.

Consume water before exercise is the best way for the liquid electrolyte in the body after exercise is not wasted.

In addition, eating lots of spinach and bananas are also good for keeping the electrolyte levels in the body stay balanced.

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