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Trying to lose weight without exercise??

Here are some ways to lose weight loss for women who are still in the breast-feeding program, as reported by Boldsky.

1. breakfast a boiled egg

Boiled eggs have a lot of protein. Not only to improve the breastfeeding process, but also keep your metabolism. You will also feel less hungry.

2. Know milk

This one nutritious meals to lose weight and increase milk production. Curd balancing digestion and absorption of the production process to increase the good bacteria in the gut. Curd provide enough calcium needed by the body.

3. The vegetable soup or chicken soup

In addition to losing weight, nutritious food can also increase milk production.

4. Food fibrous

When breastfeeding, you should eat foods such as oats, wheat flour, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid foods such as flour, burgers, white bread, pasta, and noodles that can add weight.

5. Wait until the infant is 4 months old

If you want to lose weight through exercise, wait until the baby is four months old so as not to affect milk production and body is recovered.

6. Focus on the food and not calories

You might prefer a cheese that contains more calories than rice. It shows that you should focus more on nutrition food than the calories contained in it during breastfeeding.

7. Reduced food intake

If you want to lose weight, reduce food intake gradually. Do not reduce drastically because you still have to feed the baby.

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