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Instructions to follow to build the six pack muscles

Having a flat stomach and boxes or so-called six pack, be a desire of some people.

Six pack shape is thought to enhance a person's self confidence.

It takes hard and regular exercise to get six pack abs. Such as doing sit ups are sometimes difficult to do. cited, there was some movement to form a flat stomach with ease.

1. Lunge and Plank

Start by kneeling. Then lift your left leg forward toward the direction between two hands on the floor. After that, the left foot is in the hands of the lift towards the rear on the mat with the knees remain on the floor. Perform this movement 30 times. This movement requires balance.

2. Sitting Side Plank Lift

Begin by sitting sideways movement in the hips to the left followed by the right foot, aligned with the floor. Position right hand straight up and left hand prop up the body.

Then, lift your hips as high as possible to be supported by the left hand and right leg. Repeat this movement 30 times.

3. Running Plank

Start position of the body with a push-up position with a vision toward the floor. Then, swinging one leg toward the front to form a 45 degree angle. Perform the movement alternately 30 times.

4. Single-Arm Split Plank with Knee Tuck

Start with your feet and hands as wide as possible, then the right side of your fists as he lifted towards the chest with the elbows bent.
Next, lift your right knee toward the front to traverse the body, accompanied by the right hand directed to the floor. Repeat the movement on foot and the other 30 times.

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