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New expansion pack Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

Bethesda has announced that in this latest expansion, they will show you the latest fashion can make you adventure with 12 other people, a new area that you can explore, as well as various new storyline that will deepen the story of Tamriel.

Based on the explanation of expansion, content will be added by a Bethesda will take a lot of inspiration from the game Thief. There will be many similarities ranging from the appearance of the characters to FPS view. All of these things are things that are in the game made Eidos and Square Enix for the game that has been their release in 2014, Thief.

Studio makers of this game, ZeniMax, initially announced that it will issue an expansion pack for Elder Scrolls Online at QuakeCon event in 2015. Although there is still no definite date when the expansion Thieves Guild will be out, it seems that this expansion will come out after ZeniMax issued another expansion entitled The Dark Brotherhood. Again, although there is still no definite date when the expansion will be released, it seems we still have to wait until the middle of this year until ZeniMax successfully completed the second expansion pack.

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