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Improve the quality of sleeping by arranging your room

After an exhausting daily activities, sleep becomes the most anticipated events. Because the quality sleep is essential to health.

Comfort and quality sleep you depend on the atmosphere in your bedroom. The decor and paint too, has played a large role in shaping the quality of your sleep.

So, if you have problems with insomnia or other sleep disorders can be treated in the following ways:

1. Turn off the lights
Avoid bright lights after 8 pm until the entire night. Keep a minimum of light entering your room. Beam of light can keep you awake.

2. Use neutral paint colors
Also make sure you use a paint room a neutral color such as light blue, purple, or pink soft. Bright colors such as red and so can reflect light that disturb your sleep.

3. Make sure the bed is comfortable
Wear cotton sheets instead of synthesis. Use a thin pillow when sleeping on his stomach and a thick pillow when you sleep on your back. In this way so that the head and spine stays aligned.

4. Maintain ideal room temperature
It has been proven that people sleep better when the room temperature cool and not hot. So keep your room temperature between 18 Celsius and 21 Celsius.

5. Use aromatherapy
Spray scents such as lavender, vanilla or so on your pillow to help you be more relaxed. The researchers said the key body that relaxes deep sleep.

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