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Improve the quality of sleeping by arranging your room

After an exhausting daily activities, sleep becomes the most anticipated events. Because the quality sleep is essential to health.

Comfort and quality sleep you depend on the atmosphere in your bedroom. The decor and paint too, has played a large role in shaping the quality of your sleep.

So, if you have problems with insomnia or other sleep disorders can be treated in the following ways:

1. Turn off the lights
Avoid bright lights after 8 pm until the entire night. Keep a minimum of light entering your room. Beam of light can keep you awake.

2. Use neutral paint colors
Also make sure you use a paint room a neutral color such as light blue, purple, or pink soft. Bright colors such as red and so can reflect light that disturb your sleep.

3. Make sure the bed is comfortable
Wear cotton sheets instead of synthesis. Use a thin pillow when sleeping on his stomach and a thick pillow when you sleep on your back. In this way so that the head and spine stays aligned.

4. Maintain ideal room temperature
It has been proven that people sleep better when the room temperature cool and not hot. So keep your room temperature between 18 Celsius and 21 Celsius.

5. Use aromatherapy
Spray scents such as lavender, vanilla or so on your pillow to help you be more relaxed. The researchers said the key body that relaxes deep sleep.

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New expansion pack Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

Bethesda has announced that in this latest expansion, they will show you the latest fashion can make you adventure with 12 other people, a new area that you can explore, as well as various new storyline that will deepen the story of Tamriel.

Based on the explanation of expansion, content will be added by a Bethesda will take a lot of inspiration from the game Thief. There will be many similarities ranging from the appearance of the characters to FPS view. All of these things are things that are in the game made Eidos and Square Enix for the game that has been their release in 2014, Thief.

Studio makers of this game, ZeniMax, initially announced that it will issue an expansion pack for Elder Scrolls Online at QuakeCon event in 2015. Although there is still no definite date when the expansion Thieves Guild will be out, it seems that this expansion will come out after ZeniMax issued another expansion entitled The Dark Brotherhood. Again, although there is still no definite date when the expansion will be released, it seems we still have to wait until the middle of this year until ZeniMax successfully completed the second expansion pack.

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12 activities to exercise when you're busy

Dense daily routines sometimes make you forget to exercise. One case that many faced by people who rarely exercise are problems in body shape that is overweight.

In addition, of course, other health problems could also emerge if you are lack of exercise. So, what to do to lose weight or keep in shape without interfering with your daily activities

Here are 12 ways that might be attempted without having to leave your daily activity as reported by The Times Of India.

1. Take the time for 20-30 minutes to get out on the weekend and arrange the schedule of food that will be consumed during the week. Create the schedule on a paper and paste in the refrigerator, so that everyone knows your commitment to live a healthy life through the foods you've planned.

2. If you want to lose weight but it is very difficult to break the habit of eating with a portion of the excess, perhaps you could eat a salad or soup and a half hour before eating. It will make your meal a little more, especially at dinner.

3. Remove the type of fast food or junk food in your house. It was one way to avoid you from various types of foods that are not healthy.

4. Look for healthy recipes. Actually you can make a dish delicious food from ingredients that sometimes seem boring as vegetables, and even can be used as an innovation as a snack.

5. Encourage your children to participate in a kitchen. It will make you will be motivated to eat healthier foods.

6. Once you start controlling healthy food from the kitchen, you might be able to proceed to the next stage is to start exercising. You can start slowly without imposing body. Begin to build stamina and do every day.

7. It would be better to take the stairs rather than the elevator. It may be very heavy when first performed, but rest assured you will be familiar with these conditions if done regularly.

8. If you have an agenda of activities near the house, should be done on foot or by bike.

9. Get used to walk for 10-15 minutes after the lunch break.

10. Try to wake up 10 minutes from the start. You will have enough time to stretch the muscles of the body and it will have a big difference to the body throughout the day.

11. Relax after a long day, such as watching television with the family.

12. Get used to walk for 10 minutes after dinner around your neighborhood.

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