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Yes, you can lose weight with enough sleep

Good news for those who are dieting. Apparently, even when asleep you can lose weight. Yes, during sleep, the body is in a resting phase but still burn calories to provide energy so that the body functions remain active.

So, it should be noted this process would lead to weight loss. If you lack sleep, decreased metabolism system as a result of the stress hormone called cortisol that directs your body fat. There are a few tips to sleep can reduce your weight.

1. Avoid cold temperatures
Sleeping in a room temperature that is too cold is not good. Wear lots of blankets is also not recommended. During sleep the body's temperature should remain stable in order to burn more calories.

2. Turn off the lights
The hormone melatonin can lose weight while you sleep as long as the lights turned off. In dark conditions, this hormone is called can be produced by the body.

3. Do not eat salty foods
Before going to bed to avoid eating foods that contain more salt, any type of food. The salt in the body will cause swelling of the hands, feet and even faces that make you look fatter later.

4. Do not fight
As much as possible, never fight at night because this can ruin your sleep. Impact of contention could make the stress hormone cortisol release, which means your body will be more easily fat.

5. Sports
Go for a walk or dancing after dinner. This will burn fat well when you sleep later.

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