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Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster PC review

If you and I are talking about Resident Evil dozen years ago, then we both will talk about one of the best survival horror game franchise has ever seen, has managed to meet nearly all the expectations that we want. Simultaneously may be little to discuss new flavors to be injected Capcom to bring the sensation of action which is more pronounced through Resident Evil 4, which for the first time, the camera comes with a third person shooter from behind the shoulder of the main characters. There is a sense of great optimism there that this is a sensation that consistently meet every release of Resident Evil that slide to the market. One thing is certain, this one conversation never ends with the prediction that he would likely fall into the vortex of the image of an action game which is more pronounced as did Capcom today.

Gamers new to the Resident Evil series of four or five may be wondering, why many gamers were seen complaining to the approach taken by Capcom today, especially after the release of Resident Evil 6, which was infested criticism? Such complaints usually arise from gamers "legacy" who had tasted the series first and understand why he was called the best survival horror games on the market. With age it may be too old, original games may seem no longer relevant to be enjoyed, especially on the visual side. The good news, regardless of strategy that looks like an attempt to make profits instantly, Capcom started focusing throwing games Resident Evil HD Remaster legacy for this generation platforms and also - PC.

Cool again, not just a playful attempt, the previous project ended so fantastic. Absolutely, we're talking about Resident Evil HD Remaster gliding in early 2015 yesterday. He was getting praise from gamers who have long missed the taste of Resident Evil older but still relevant to today's technology, which is also translated in the form of sales figures are enough to make Capcom surprised and satisfied. And now, the same strategy again, and yet directed to the title of another GameCube Resident Evil - Resident Evil HD Remaster 0.

Your role as a young member of STARS - Rebecca Chambers were actively investigating what is actually happening with the fast train. But the more he got, the more the mystery had to face, including the corpse back to life and haunt him. Along the way, Rebecca met with Billy Coen figure - a prisoner who managed to escape from the process of execution and finish accused of more than 23 security officers. Although it does not believe at first, Rebecca and Billy understood that to survive, they both do not have other options to cooperate with each other.

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