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Foods that can help you keep acne away

Care to get rid of acne can not be done through the outside only. We also need to take precautions from the inside. Improve your diet is one way to try. We could increase the consumption of foods that contain good to combat acne and avoid foods that can trigger the onset of these red bumps.

From now make sure the food or drink that makes your mouth really contain substances that are good for fighting acne. Do not let the fact that you consume aggravate existing acne. want to know what kind of diet you should start to apply this minute? Let's look at this article!

1. Replace cow's milk with fermented milk. Without you know, actually yogurt can reduce irritation.

Do you like to drink cow's milk? Yes, cow's milk does have a high calcium content and good for health. However, it turns out this one drinks can also trigger the growth of acne. Why is that? Because dairy cow can produce its own hormones. And as we all know that acne can arise due to the influence of hormones.

This hormone can affect the growth of the oil glands. No need to worry if you're a fan of milk, you can replace it with organic milk and fermented milk is yogurt. This yogurt reduces irritation and can actually be very useful to combat acne that is inflamed. In addition to yogurt, you can change either the substance of cow's milk with almonds and coconut milk.

2. The low glycemic diet is one way to suppress blood sugar levels. It is believed that acne is not effective more inflamed.

If the acne continues to grow rapidly on the surface of the skin, you can try low glycemic diet. This diet can help reduce levels of sugar in the blood. As we know high levels of sugar in the blood can also trigger the growth of acne. In addition, sugary foods can also cause a surge in hormones that exist in our bodies.

If you're not affected by pimples and bumps pingin existing ones can be lost, you can carry out a low glycemic diet. Avoid foods that contain high sugar as this that cause blood sugar also soared.

3. Expand foods containing zinc that Feed met. It is powerful to avoid a buildup of dead skin cells.

Mineral certainly very necessary to make the skin healthy. In fact, meeting the needs of minerals will make the skin is always bright, not dull, supple, and healthy. Surely this would also avoid the buildup of dead skin cells that can cause acne. Zinc can be found in the pumpkin, sesame seeds, sea shells, and also meat.

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