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Things you might not aware that can cause acne

Towels is often chosen as a medium to dry face. Because of the high capacity made objects used to dry the face. In fact, it's not always good, you know, because real towels are also a fertile field for the growth of germs and bacteria.

Without realizing it when we hang towels, bacteria, dust, and pollution will stick in there. Predictably, this evil germs by simply going to move to the acne and cause irritation. Additionally, sometimes the texture of cloth towels can hurt inflamed acne and makes it worse. If you do not want this to happen you can replace a face towel with soft facial tissue.

Make up is certainly important for women. In fact, the make-up can be used almost every day by supporting performances. Unwittingly, it turns out one of the tools makeup can harm the skin that is being visited by acne. Call it blush.

The use of blush is not at all advisable for you being breakouts. Because the content of artificial colorings can cause acne increasingly irritated. In addition a series of dust, dirt, and pollution can be lodged in the brush used.

Unwittingly, while sleeping face skin will go the extra mile and produce oil. Then the oily skin will often rub against the sheets and pillowcases and bolsters. And without realizing it, cloth bed sheets and pillowcases have been exposed to sweat and dust that can irritate the skin of the face.

To avoid this from happening, you can change the pillowcases and bed linen regularly. Do not wait until malodorous, because dirt and germs are also increasingly accumulated there.

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