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Can you treat acne scars with lemon

Lemon not only can whiten and soften the skin. But it can also help shrink the pores on the skin of the face.

In addition to help soften and whiten the skin, lemon can also help shrink the pores. Pore ​​blockage resulting in pimples and blackheads will certainly make follow enlarged pores. However, by performing a ritual using lemon water, then pimples and blackheads can also be cured. This is what can make the pores of the skin returns to its normal size.

The content of citric acid in lemons can dry blackheads and pimples. Live rub lemon juice on your face with a cotton bud.

In addition to vitamins good that can nourish the skin, lemon also contains citric acid. Citric acid is used to dry the stubborn blackheads and pimples. With this red bumps that can be cured. Addition of lemon juice can also help remove impurities that cause blackheads. The trick is to dip a cotton swab in lemon water and apply to the surface of the face of blackheads.

Lemon water can help remove toxins and healthy digestion. It is believed effective to prevent acne from surfacing.

In addition to treating skin problems, lemon can also facilitate digestion. Lemon water can help the process of removing toxins, other than that the food is not digested properly cleaned can also participate. If the gastrointestinal smooth, then acne is also reluctant to stop again. Because microbime intestinal health also affects the health of the skin.

Now you already know the benefits of good lemon for acne scars? May be useful

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