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The 4 myths around acne

One of the problems about acne, although the field of medicine has advanced, many do not understand about things that cause acne. Without a good knowledge, it is difficult to treat acne effectively.

The lack of knowledge about acne this provides a great opportunity emergence myth. Here are some myths about acne that should be ignored:

1. The sun will cure acne
This myth has no basis in fact, which is part of the reason it is still widespread. For those who have normal skin, the sun 20 minutes per day can be beneficial for acne, especially acne on the body. For those who have dark skin, the sun 30 minutes per day as a trick to get rid of acne. The meaning is direct exposure to ultraviolet light (UV) will not cure acne, and no amount of sunlight that would make it go away completely. Do not leave the house without sunscreen and a risk of burns to treat acne just will not work. Enjoy the sun but not too excessive.

2. Chocolate causes acne
There is no definite link between chocolate and acne. But there is a relationship between high glycemic foods and acne. So if chocolate contains lots of sugar can cause acne, but the chocolate was not the culprit. Try low-sugar chocolate or dark chocolate (dark chocolate) instead of milk chocolate contains a lot of sugar. Avoid white bread, pasta and other processed grains. Wheat and multigrain breads tend to be low contribute to acne.

3. Only adolescents with acne
50% of adult men and 20% of adult women will experience acne at some point. Moreover, cases of adult acne continues to increase. Unclear why adults suffer more acne than ever before. Adult acne easily controlled with the same care while teen acne is not.

4. Never squeeze pimples
There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that the squeeze acne harmful or increase the risk of infection and eventually rupture. In fact, get rid of pimples that have a white or yellow contents will begin healing and help fight bacteria. In general, squeezing pimples until the contents out is a good idea, but others pressed only cause excessive inflammation. Squeeze acne will not cause scars, but the skin around the acne can cause scars.

There is a right way to squeeze pimples. First, disinfect the skin with alcohol and gently poking pimples with a sterile needle. Get a white or yellow center pimple as it will not stabbing pain that area. Make a small hole only and do not push the needle into your skin. Next, press the side to remove the acne pimples. Stop pressed when the clear liquid out. Finish by applying a little benzoyl peroxide (benzoyl peroxide). Should be done by a dermatologist.

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