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How to treating the enlarger pores on face

There are various types of skin from normal skin, dry and oily. No less important problem skin pores large enough troublesome. Find out how to care for skin and big pores.

Everybody wants the skin pores are small because it will look better and less problematic. But there are many people who have skin pores are large due to genetic factors and their pimples or blackheads on the skin.

Some people have skin pores which are already major one of which is also influenced by the makeup used. Usually there are certain areas that have pores large, such as the nose, forehead and facial area in general. There is no difference between men and women, both of whom may have pores large.

Usually the problem would arise as a result of skin pores that secrete excess oil, so that cover the surface of the skin and the presence of dead skin cells will cause blackheads making pores getting bigger.

There are some tips that can be done to treat the skin pores large enough to not be problematic, as quoted from eHow, Wednesday:

Wash your face with soap containing granules (scrub) alpha hydroxy acid, granules in the soap will remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and block pores open.
Use paper to remove blackheads and excess oil on the face, but it can also tighten the pores that are not enlarged.
Clean the face of the remnants of makeup and moisturizing anti-radiation before bed, use cold cream to remove heavy makeup.
Clean your face no more than two meals a day, clean your face with a soap that is too often will encourage the production of excess oil in the pores of the skin. Thus lead to blackheads and acne.
Taking vitamins that contain retinol and vitamin C. The skin will change retinol into retinoic acid to be used to prevent the outbreak of skin elastin and collagen in the skin. While vitamin C will produce ascorbyl palmitate which helps large pores promotes the synthesis of collagen.

So, from this moment the skin pores that are not likely to cause problems again if it can be treated properly. The most important thing is to keep oil production is not excessive, so it does not close the pores of the skin that can lead to blackheads and acne.

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