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Blast Breaker Online games reviewed

Game genre 3D side-scrolling MMORPG Unext artificial Digital Plus, entitled Blast Breaker Online, which is currently undergoing a phase of open beta test started last January 22, 2016, and will soon be released inthe near future. During its open beta phase, during the game you are allowed to choose one of the languages ​​of the two languages ​​are available. Game players can swap languages ​​instantly without having to install a patch or get out of the game.

Players will be able to choose between three job that can be used Khalan, namely Alan, Elona, ​​and Stella to fight Blaster from xylon. Alan (Swordsman) rely on melee attack to attack the enemy, Elona (Scout) is a job that uses the range to attack and the last arc Stella (Witch) who uses magic as his ultimate attack. Each character has a weapon and skill of each different.



Objective is the target of a game where the player can determine what will be played by a character, such as the fight at Freedom Field with an infinite number of monsters like in Open-World Game. whereas Missions are not only restricted to fight with blasters but also keep and collect the key of this objective as possible or the continuation of a body dramatic storyline.

Open-World Instance

Field specials with monsters of worldwide distribution Ariar into the groove for the player to travel between cities. Player will feel how dangerous Blaster while traveling and feel of game in open-world setting.

Skill System

a. Customize Blast: Blast Breaker Online provides a large selection of skill leveling indefinitely but only allowed once using six active and six passive. In this case, the player is forced to choose which skills they need based on the situation they are facing.

b. Binding: Blast Breaker online also provides a choice of how to choose a skill used in the action of the player. Single skill can have many ways in its use such as by changing the number of projectiles, change the direction of attack, replace elements, and so forth. All depends on the player how they want to use.

c. Exceed

This XCeed special, cool look, the ultimate moves that require special gauge to be used. Movement is full of skill XCeed combo capable of throwing all the targets, so you are advised to use it in the most precarious situation, given Exceed also been obtained.

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