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How much water you need to drink before and after exercise

Sports not only drain energy, but also fluid and ions in the body. That is why, the water needed to replace lost fluids.

Vice chairman of the Association of Sports Medicine Specialist Physician Dr Grace Tumbelaka, Sp.KO, say, 90 percent of children are dehydrated before exercise. Meanwhile, in adults, 70 percent dehydration before exercise

Consuming fluids is recommended at the time before, during, and after exercise so that wasted water in the body can be replaced.

"Four hours and two hours before exercise drink at least 200-250 cc of water," advises Grace, in health education that took place Tuesday

In the middle of exercising, it is recommended to drink water as much as 100-120 cc.

When exercising with a duration of more than one hour, water alone is not enough. Prepare drinks berisotonik to balance the levels of water and sodium levels have been wasted through sweat.

No matter the number of drinks that should be consumed after exercise is 0.5-2 liters of water.

Dr. Grace also advised to weigh before and after exercise because of the reduced amount of fluid is wasted.

"If the weight is reduced to half a kilogram, 600-700 ml of isotonic drink, as recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine," he said.

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