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Sky Garden games quick review

for you simulation game fans of the farm, the Harvest Moon was the champion. But have you tried a game called Sky Garden: Paradise of Farmer? If the Harvest Moon is a farming simulation game that is in accordance with the actual real situation, then at Sky Garden: Paradise of Farmer will give you a very different experience. This is because setting his own game is in a fairy tale fantasy world full of color. You can gardening in clouds, flowers rearing, harvesting seeds from existing plants, raising them in a unique pot, as well as explore a world filled with beauty. Of course it is very nice is not it?

In addition to displaying a farming simulation in a fantasy world, Sky Garden: Paradise of Farmer also offers a background story that is good enough to follow. The main character in this game is the Red and Jack. They both were close friends, they often exchanged opinions about the flowers they have. One night, they were both found that the big bad wolf wants to steal their favorite Bungi. Red and Jack caught the wolf. But unexpectedly the wolf is a magical beast that is able to speak. The wolf was offering them a seed of magic and magical solution as collateral for his release. Because Red and Jack curious, they follow instruction from wolves and planting the seeds of the magic. Seeds were grown enormously to become a giant plant that towered into the sky. And they both started the adventure at the Sky Garden! When viewed from the background of his own story, Red is similar to a fairy tale Red Hood Girl. While Jack himself like a fairy tale Giant Beanstalk or Jack the Giant Killer.

In the Sky Garden, you can plant a lot of seeds that are divided into several plants that produce. For example, you like the type of flower, then you can plant sunflowers, roses, lavender, and so forth. There are also types of plants where there Fruits apple, lemon, watermelon, and so on. There are also types of specialty crops such as ginger, tea, cotton, and so on. The yield of the plants that you have can you pass it on to the city with the help of the Owl Tutu or Air Baloon. In addition you can also collect a pot where the plant grows. The pot that you can collect and upgrade loh! You can also exchange items with other players using the feature in-house shop. Interesting right? Sky Garden you can download it for free you know! So do not miss to download this cool game

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