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Loss of muscle mass because of lack of drinking water

Water occupies 70 percent of space in the human body. It is conceivable, if someone shortage of water intake in the body.

Following this, the health problems that can be experienced when you were less intake of water.

1. Lack of energy

Water helps a person's brain to stay focused. Less intake of water in the body causes mild to severe dehydration. In mild dehydration, the effects are lethargic and dispirited. In more severe level, a person can lose consciousness.

2. Headaches

Less intake of water is tantamount in its way of oxygen to the brain. It causes headaches.

3. The heartbeat is not normal

Ever feel shaky when you consume water intake is reduced? Make sure to drink water in sufficient quantities every day.

4. Immunity weakened

The amount of water also determines the quality of a person's immune. When the immune system weakens, the body will be difficult to receive nutrients from food.

5. weakened kidney function

Less water intake aggravating kidney performance. Therefore, the blood thickens so that task increasingly severe kidney. If left in the long term, the kidney will be damaged.

6. Loss of muscle mass

Water helps cut the fat in muscle tissue. Less water consumption lead to more and more flab. If it lasts long enough, it will eliminate the fat deposits in your body's muscle mass.

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