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Drinking too many green tea is not healthy

Research shows that an antioxidant called catechins in green tea has many health benefits. Starting from improving the performance of memory to help prevent cancer.

However, on the other hand, you may also have heard the side effects of green tea. Some time ago, a 16-year-old girl in the United Kingdom must be treated in hospital for severe liver damage after drinking three cups of green tea a day ordered online.

The problem is, chances are very high green tea concentrate and that's what makes green tea for health risk.

Moreover, not a few green tea products are marketed with the label to lose weight. This is what makes people want to eat them in large quantities, with the hope of weight loss can be more quickly achieved. In fact, herbal doses that are too high can hinder performance in the liver and potentially cause infection.

What should be considered?
"Tannins in green tea can inhibit the absorption of non-heme iron," said Mike Roussell, PhD, a nutrition consultant. This means your body will find it difficult to absorb iron from plant sources, such as beans, eggs, or milk.

Meanwhile, green tea has no effect on the absorption of heme iron sources, such as red meat.

Another problem is when you are attacked by an autoimmune disease, whether it's an allergy, asthma, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, or other viral infections, you may need to skip this soothing beverage, Roussell said.

If you are in good health, green tea can boost the immune system in a good way, but when your body is in a state hospital, the existing stimulus in green tea can actually make the body condition worsened.

In fact, green tea is good and has the benefits outweigh the risks. Lower levels of caffeine than coffee, a cup of green tea contains about 25 to 50 milligrams of caffeine per cup, obviously Roussell.

While coffee can contain about 95 to 200 milligrams a cup. But, of course, when you drink tea constantly like drinking plain water, which you eat caffeine levels also increased.

"So, limit your consumption of four cups of tea per day. This number can help you lose weight, it does not contain too much caffeine, and should not have a negative impact on the absorption of iron, which can cause anemia, "said Roussell.

To get the best results and benefits, you can drink a cup of tea when the stomach is empty. "This will help the absorption of antioxidants," said Roussell

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