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Tales of Zestiria and Berseria games take the same world

As already reported that Tales of Tales of Zestiria Berseria and are in the same world, but the setting of the story Tales of Berseria far were in the past. Despite being in the same world, the world of the past in Tales of Berseria is completely different compared to the future, where the place names such as cities and nature will vary with the future in Tales of Zestiria, but we also can feel the culture as well as nature in the future in this game.

In addition, the environmental conditions are also more diverse here than the previous game.

Setting where there will be in the Wasteland world, there is a vast land that spread out from the center. Far in the future, it is a continent known as Glenwood. Setting of this story occurs in Midgand Sacred Kingdom, a major force in the ocean that reigns over the continent. of land and islands countless organized juridically and is known as the "Territories".

Even within the same kingdom, there are extreme temperature difference between north and south, as well as a major climate differences. Climate change also affects the culture, including the different structures and way of life depends on the region. In recent years, the world has been getting cold, especially the northern region which is getting buried in snow. Holy kingdom Midgand has developed a technology in the shipbuilding and shipping, and trade actively conducted in various locations. Because of ocean currents and changes in weather could be an obstacle, trade vessel using a particular service, and the pirates are intended to hijack the cargo they often appear.

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