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The difference between men and women in terms of burning calories

To get the maximum calorie burning exercise sessions, a study conducted by researchers from England's University of Surrey suggests, one must consume carbohydrates at the right time. And it differs between men and women.

When a man eating carbohydrates after exercise, their body will burn more calories and fat for three hours after exercise than men who eat carbohydrates before exercise.

As for women, the condition was precisely the opposite. Women who eat carbohydrates before exercise, will burn more calories and fat. While for women who eat carbohydrates after exercise sessions, experiencing burning fewer.

To confirm these results, the researchers are working with one of the show BBC Trust Me, and involves the doctor to re-analyze the research.

In that session, male and female respondents took three Zumba exercise classes, HIIT, and spinning for a month and eat carbs before or after exercise.

The result was the same: Men who consume carbohydrates after exercise and women who eat before exercise succeeded in burning calories and fat.

According to study author Adam Collins, Ph.D., there is evidence to suggest that when a man exercising with no carbohydrate intake, the body will adapt to the larger man in burning fat and build muscle.

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