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Regular exercise is good for the skin

Some people are born with smooth skin, a minimum of excess oil-free or on the contrary, have a very dry skin. However, rather than genetic, daily care is much more important.

In fact, a genetic skin with delicate matter will not last long if not accompanied by treatment.

Four specialist skincare divulge their skin care daily. Apparently, you do not need expensive cost to get the skin smooth as theirs.

Not just rely on sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential to counteract the bad effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays. People with healthy skin, can be ascertained routinely wear sunscreen. But experts know, many people forget to apply the protective cream is.

"The color of my skin still became darker though had been diligent use of sunscreen," says Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, dermatologist, founder and director of Capital Laser & Skin Care in Chevy Case, Maryland, and professor of dermatology at George Washington Medical Center. "

I have three types of skin cancer, so I am very fanatical about the use of hats and clothing that can ward off the sun, "said Karyn Grossman, MD, a dermatologist at the Dermatology Grossman Los Angeles and New York.

Karyn also coat the glass of his car with special stickers ultraviolet antidote.

Always clean the makeup before going to bed.

Falling asleep with makeup and dirt still on the face is something that is not recommended. Make-up and dirt can clog pores and cause inflammation and acne.

Grossman acknowledged that sometimes we are too tired to wash my face. Advice from Grossman, set up two in one face cleanser (cleanser and moisturizer) on the bedside table, so that ritual cleansing easier before you fall asleep.

Keeping stress levels remain low

According to the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, stress can affect the function of the outer layer of your skin, and cause redness, irritation and wrinkles.

Courtney Dunlop, beauty editor and author of Beauty Break to admit that when anxious, he was always frowning and find the wrinkles form of numbers 11 to watch.

"So, I am trying not to worry selelau and relaxed throughout the day. I also found that regular exercise and deep breathing to help reduce stress levels, "he said.

Do not squeeze pimples

Squeezing acne can cause inflammation, enlarged pores and can cause scarring on your face, says Grossman.

Apply acne medication that contains one percent hydrocortisone in your acne several times a day to reduce inflammation.

But what if you can not stand to not squeeze pimples? According to Grossman, if the acne is already very white color, you can squeeze all.

If fill out acne, acne means it is ripe. If not, do not force the contents of pimples out because it can make the skin is injured.

Sleep at least seven hours a day

Research shows that when you lack sleep, the skin will appear wrinkled and sagging. For Dunlop, sleep for eight hours should be the goal every day.

"Because, if I do not sleep, my eyes look puffy and whole face looks slack. It made me look older than my actual age, in just one night, "said Dunlop.

Regular exercise

"Exercise is important because it helps keep the blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system, which carries nutrients to the skin and remove toxins from the skin," said the expert facial Hollywood celebrities, Joanna Vargas.

The lymphatic system is not working alone, so the need to exercise and a proper diet to maintain its function.

Research from McMaster University in Canada found that people aged 40 years who exercise have facial skin is much younger, they look like the 20s or 30s.

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