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Viewsonic VX257-SHW IPS monitor

LCD screen with IPS panel (In-Plane Switching) does offer a number of advantages over TN panel (Twisted Nematic). One of the advantages of IPS panel is more accurate color reproduction capability than TN panels. Not just a feast for the eyes, the ability to display any color spectrum accurately also create IPS LCD display suitable for the users with the field work in the world of graphics. Of course, fans of the movie and the game will also benefit from the advantages of the IPS panel. Not until there are, other advantages of IPS panel is displayed color remains consistent when viewed from an angle sideways or upright. As we know the TN panel, a slight change of course in the viewing angle of the LCD screen will cause eye captures a different color spectrum.

The use of IPS panel has become one of the advantages of the Viewsonic VX257-SHW. LCD monitor display quality is indeed a success made us not want to divert the eyes for a moment. Both while on the move in the Windows operating system environment, play games, or watch movies, Viewsonic VX257-SHW is capable of displaying color accurately every detail and visual quality is quite good. 5 ms response time was quite sufficient to show quick scene perfectly, free of symptoms of image ghosting. Viewsonic VX257-SHW also comes with a number of preset color so that the display on the monitor can be adjusted to the user's taste. There is also mini View Mode to adjust the on-screen display with usage scenarios. Features Blue Light Filters are also available so that the eye does not quickly exhausted by the time staring at the LCD monitor for a long time. While it features the successful Eco Mode saves power consumption even though in our opinion is not too significant.

Not until there are, the Viewsonic VX257-SHW also comes with display connectivity such as HDMI and D-Sub. Even the HDMI port / MHL lets users connect their smartphone or tablet device to LCD monitors and displays what is displayed on the screen of their mobile device. Meanwhile, two HDMI ports to make the user do not have to bother to pull the plug the HDMI cable if they want to use two devices on the LCD monitor. A menu with a simple design also makes operation of the buttons is not too difficult even though our own prefers the use of analog buttons like a joystick device.

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