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The huge benefits of walking

Compared to many kinds of sports activities, walking somewhat special. Almost everyone, ranging from 3 years old toddlers to the elderly over 80 years old, had a walking skills.

Walking can be done alone or in groups, in silence or chatting. To be sure, the risk of injuries this activity was minimal but the benefits are huge.

Walking exercise done regularly shown to reduce the risk of chronic disease and premature death.

Walking is also effective in preventing high blood pressure, obesity, and in the long run prevent stroke, breast cancer, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, and depression.

Even people who have chronic diseases still benefit from physical activity. Hiking known to reduce the severity of symptoms of the disease.

Set step

If you want to build muscle strength, speed change feet every few steps, while climbing a hill can strengthen the muscles around the foot.

Walking on a treadmill might be a bit boring, but if only it could be done, why not? The important thing is we keep the body active.

The interesting thing about walking is that we know more about the corners of the neighborhood.

There are no specific rules while doing the walking, but do not forget to warm up and use comfortable footwear.

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