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How a man should build his muscle??

Lots of them are skinny and feel upset for not finding a way fatten the body works. The majority was able to raise the weight. However, it turned out just to hoard fat, without getting in shape and proportion. Therefore, gaining weight can be tricky. So, how the heck do without fattening the body to store fat, especially in the stomach?

1. Increase your calorie intake

Count and record the daily calories that you consume each day, and increase the portion at least as much as 500 calories per day, but certainly of a healthy diet. By doing so, you can increase your weight up to half a kilogram per day!

2. Fulfill your nutrition needs

Increase calories alone are not enough, Bro. you still need to meet your daily nutritional needs.

3. Have five-six meals a day

By increasing the frequency of your meal, your metabolism will continue to work to nourish your body muscles. Pass the time eating it will slow down your metabolism and inhibit the development of your muscles.

4. Strength training

Perform this exercise at least four days a week, Bro. Strength training is proven to help you increase muscle mass, increase your weight, but without accumulating fat.

5. Have a whey protein shake after exercise

Fitness supplements this one you need also to help repair your muscles. Whey protein is best taken one hour after you exercise.

Live everything with discipline yes, Bro. By doing so, you can fatten the body without accumulating fat. Go for it!

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