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Wanna build muscles, consume these foods now

Already bored with less muscular body shape, Bro? Having a body with muscles that are not visible definitely make you jealous of those who muscle in his body is clearly visible, or fuller. The solution is easy, do by establishing healthy muscle and consistent.

However, in this case turned out to exercise alone is not enough, Bro. You must also be careful to choose foods that can help maximize the exercise you build muscle so that way you are not in vain, Bro. What are the proper foods to help bringing up the muscles you?


Eggs are one of the healthiest foods high protein helps build muscle. Protein egg whites become a source of good for you. And, ½ grams of leucine in eggs like gasoline poured on the fire to build muscle You. It's very burning!

protein shakes
Eating shake that consists of protein and carbohydrates before exercise can optimize muscle growth and utilization of nutrients. Research shows that this combination accelerates muscle energy storage, increasing blood flow to the muscles you, to regulate the transport of creatine and improve the body's ability to process and burn calories.


Beef contains essential amino acids, vitamin B, and creatine. Beef also contains unsaturated fat that can support healthy testosterone levels and monounsaturated fats for heart health, Bro!


Salmon contains two high-quality protein that is: Omega-3 EPA and DHA. This substance helps improve heart health, but also can inhibit muscle breakdown and increase the capacity of anabolic amino acids.


As many as 1 ounce of cashews or almonds contain 150-170 calories of high quality. Peanut is a perfect mix of protein, fat, and fiber that allows you to get the extra calories, Bro!

Foods above only serves as a supplier of calories in a way to raise the muscle You, Bro. Eat regularly and practice with consistent results ooptimal.

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