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So these are the foods to Avoid when entering Six Packs Program

Believe it or not, it does play a crucial role in health and in your efforts to get a sixpack stomach, Bro. Why so?

In order to get an athletic body and a sixpack stomach, you must have solid planning in terms of exercise and diet. There is good food for your body, but there is also that it will hamper your efforts are. What are the foods you need to avoid them?

Food that has been through a lot of processes. Examples of these foods are canned foods, potato chips, and snacks you usually buy at the supermarket. Generally, this kind of food too high in saturated fat, sugar, high salt and low protein. How? Read food labels are there, so you can choose a good start for you.

Sweet foods. Candy, sugar-gulaan, cookies, and cake are some examples of sweet foods you need to reduce consumption, because of the high sugar content increases the risk of obesity. Instead you get a sixpack stomach, but diabetes.

Alcoholic beverages. Same with sweets, alcoholic beverages are beverages with empty calories ie 7 kcal / g but not burned but is stored in the body as fat. Consuming alcohol actually inhibits your body get the nutrients is high and precisely to accumulate fat, Bro! When was the athlete's body can dong?

So, be careful in choosing the food yes, Bro. Indiscriminate eating foods will only invite disease. So, if you want to get an athletic body with sixpack stomach cool, get healthy life from now on!

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