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The formula to measure your diet

When you see or have excess weight not a few people who were advised to go on a diet. However did you know, what the diet is all about? Many people are a bit mistaken when interpreting the word 'diet' - some people off as a weight loss program with reduced portions. Actually, this sense is not so precise. A book written by Denidya Damayanti explained diet with more specific meaning, in the book it was mentioned that diet is the amount of the food consumed by a person.

The word 'amount of food' does imply the existence of a calculation of the food you consume. It depends on the background and beliefs held by that person. Back on the use of the word diet, this expression is showing an attempt was made to lose weight and regulate the intake of nutrients in the body. So, the diet not only focuses on weight loss alone. In the context regulate the body's nutritional intake, it does cover some of the things that will affect the diet.

For example; Diet to lose weight (mass) is usually done by a model or actress who want to maintain the appearance remains attractive. The diet they are not the same as the diet by bodybuilding or sports aims to increase muscle mass in other words diet to increase weight (mass). Similarly, people with diabetes should abstain to food - especially low in sugar and carbohydrates. Thus, the intake of nutrients that enter the body does affect the weight.

So how do we get to see the effect of the intake of nutrients with a diet you do? Nutrition is the term for useful substances contained in food. Actually, losing weight is not too difficult to do. How could it be? Yes, limit intake of nutrients you are consuming - specifically known as a producer of energy (carbohydrates, protein, and fat). Now is the time you make the calculation of the nutrients mentioned above. It seems confusing, but you will benefit.

The formula is: if the number of calories in more than the amount of calories out, then it will be stored in your body. Conversely, if the amount of calories in less than the amount of calories out, then this will be taken from the stored calories - especially fat to meet the energy shortage. Calorie is a unit of the type the body needs to produce energy or power. As an example; 1 gram of carbohydrate can produce 4 kcal, 1 g protein can produce 4 kcal, and 1 gram of fat can produce 9 kcal. Back to the arithmetic formula of calories, the calories in food come from, while calories out is the calories your body needs.

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