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Vegetarian as alternative for diet

Many people who initially were not vegetarian start enjoying the benefits of a healthy diet based on the vegetarian lifestyle. What is the lifestyle they choose? The vegetarian lifestyle is done by choosing vegetables as the main menu and replace any processed products that contain high levels of fat. Some people make a healthy diet is to avoid all types of animal foods such as meat, fish, and all kinds of birds. There is also still consume milk or eggs, but they remain the main menu of the plant. How is this done?

Healthy vegetarian diet prioritize the needs of protein, iron, potassium, zinc, and vitamin B12. Where you can get protein if animal foods be avoided? Actually, no one can fully replace animal protein? Why? Because animal protein contains essential amino acids, although this can be obtained from plants, are often not as much as the amount contained in animal foods. To overcome this problem, the necessary combination of various kinds of plants so that the nutritional balance can be maintained.

As an example; consumption of peas is very good for getting amino acids known as lysine, but these foods do not contain amino acids that are rich in sulfur. While the content of the amino acids found in many grains. To stay balanced, then you need to eat peas and rice, and other grain types. One type of food a good substitute for meat is the 'tofu' made from soy, if not favor this option - try to find various types of products processed soybeans.

What are the benefits of a healthy vegetarian diet? Someone who implement it tends to have a body mass index lower, they seem to have a slim body accompanied by a decrease in the risk of disease; type-2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and coronary heart disease. Healthy vegetarian diet increases the phytochemicals in the body, this is the component that is widely available in the vegetable or fruit with beautiful colors. As an example; broccoli lutein and lycopene in tomatoes. These substances are antioxidants - anticancer.

You also need to be aware of the deficiencies of vitamins and minerals that are widely available in animal foods. In order to overcome this, a vegetarian needs to pay attention to the needs of calcium and vitamin D come from; soy milk products, orange juice, whole grains, nuts, and green vegetables. Sunlight and vitamin D supplements can be very helpful to you. In addition to vitamin D, zinc is also needed. It is obtained from whole grains, legumes, processed soybeans, sus, cheese, and bread - even third last meal containing animal protein.

The iron content found in many dried peas, vegetables were a lot of leaves, and cereal complex that contains minerals and vitamins. Absorption of iron content in the plant will be more effective if accompanied by the consumption of vitamin C. There is also the omega-3 fatty acids found in flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, and soy oil. Last is vitamin B12 from supplements, without which your body - especially the muscles will weaken and fatigue.

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