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The mistakes people do when dieting

You've worked hard to diet, but the pants and shirt you have still claustrophobic used. Or maybe your weight is down, but then shot up again in no time. If it is experienced, there is a possibility you did the 7 mistakes in the diet.

Rely on Diet Impromptu

Eager to reduce the weight a few kilos, you plan on only eating fruits or vegetables each day during a specific period. You cut daily caloric intake to less than 1000, and of course the weight definitely decreased. But if you just eat fewer calories, metabolism slowed. And when the diet is finished, your metabolism is still low so the weight up again.

Skipping breakfast

Perhaps the easiest way to cut calories, but it can make you so hungry all day. You could have lured a lot of snacking and lunch in large portions. Though breakfast high in protein and fiber can make you feel full until lunch. Research also shows that people who eat breakfast tend to have a healthy weight.

Like Snacking

Maybe you carefully calculate the calories per eating food, but what about the food-snack between meals? It could be a snack of donuts, Cimol, cireng, ice cream, or even a meatball forget to count the calories. If serious counting calories, you should calculate the calories of each food into the mouth.


Snacking without rules does make fat, but other snacking "wise". Those who eat a little snack or often eat small meals a day is more able to control hunger and lose weight. Moreover, snacking helps keep her metabolism working, especially if high-protein snack. Examples of high-protein snack is nuts.

Fooled with Low-Fat Products

Remember that low-fat does not mean low calorie, and this is not what they mean you can eat lots of low-fat products. If you eat more low-fat foods, the same as you eat more calories. The best way to find out how much fat, sugar and calories is by checking the nutrition labels.

Drinking high-calorie beverages

Did you know that a number of drinks, including coffee, containing more than 500 calories? Even the calories in fruit juice and soda can be quite high. Worse, calorie drinks do not get rid of hunger. You will not even eat less high-calorie drinks.

Getting rid of Dairy Products

Full-fat milk, cheese, and ice cream is an enemy for many dieters. But actually totally get rid of dairy products can be bad. Some research suggests that the body can burn more fat when getting enough calcium requirement, otherwise the body will produce more fat if lack of calcium. So, try to consume dairy products low / no fat than did not eat them.

This is the 7 errors in diet often by dieters. By knowing you expected to run a more optimal diet for the sake of realizing the dream body weight.

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