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The benefits of Diet Mayo?

Most people are aware of the importance of healthy lifestyles, will be very selective in choosing a diet that is appropriate for them to run in order to achieve an ideal body weight. And according to the advice of many nutrition experts the best way to run a healthy diet is to calculate the value of calories in an orderly and balanced with your daily activities.

But it is different with mayo diet. Because big name Mayo Clinic are already more than 100 years of service to the world of medical research, making attention is now directed toward methods of diet mayo.

There are many interesting things in mayo diet, especially a diet method that does not lead to the calculation will detail caloric intake. But merely directs dieters change their bad habits in diet and daily activities in a more healthy habits, safe, and effective way to lose weight.

While most diet focuses on how to manage your diet, limiting even eat, in general diet mayo just focused on limiting the consumption of bad fats and salt. Even in a more focused targets, it is advisable to totally eliminate the consumption of salt for a while.

As for the portion, mayo diet makes absolutely no restrictions. All healthy foods such as complex carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits, as well as food sources of protein and good fats, all of them may be consumed.

Diet mayo itself runs in two periods, the first period is called "lose it" in which the main focus is to change their lifestyle and diet for 13 days. In these 13 days you can usually lose weight between 2-5 kg. However, this diet focuses on dietary changes and does not provide a target reduction in calories, it's close recommended to add the calorie intake of vegetables and fruit.

While the second period called "live it" where you continue to live a healthy poal looser menu. The target, by running this period diligently you can keep the condition of the body and lose weight, if still necessary, at least 1 kg per month.

Basically, the Mayo Clinic from the beginning was not saying the main target of mayo diet is weight loss. Precisely claimed that weight loss is an effect of increased metabolism and body condition improved after the diet mayo. Diet mayo instead intended as a detoxification process and helps improve the body's ability to maximize metabolism.

In the period of 13 days "lose it", dieters will be forced to change their diet. By focusing on the type of food consumption are free or at least minimize the consumption of salt, bad fats, and sugar. There are no restrictions on calories. In fact, in one instance a 13 day menu standard mayo diet, daily calories are within normal limits 1200-1500 kcal. This diet only divert needs caloric intake with healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

Do not easily believe with a lot of news about diet mayo on the internet about the results of 8 kg reduction in grip menu for 13 days. Because the official website of mayoclinic itself says that it is a rumor, even no grip in the diet mayo menu, you can adjust the menu according to your tastes and traditions of your meal.

Only during the past 13 days "lose it" you need to optimize the food was a bit of salt and sugar, less fried foods, also avoid foods with high cholesterol levels. And toggle the calorie needs by eating a fatty food that are eroded, namely vegetables, fruits and fermented foods such as yogurt.

After a successful period of 13 days you went through, run-time "live it" with a healthy diet remain low in fat and start back from enjoying the added salt and sugar, as well as several times a fatty menu. Stay maximize the intake of vegetables and fruits as the main option to cover caloric needs.

The more strictly you keep eating, the stronger the ability of this period to keep produce weight loss. But actually the target of this period is actually just to keep what you've got in the period "lose it".

That is the mayo diet. For many experts the world diet, this diet is considered as one of the healthy diet and fun to run. Strict diet that is healthy and safe for a few days, and free food preserved for a later date. And most importantly, you can diet comfortably without feeling hungry and weak effects are excruciating.

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